The ANA’s Upcoming In-Housing Agency Conference — We Wouldn’t Miss it!

The ANA is hosting its first In-Housing Agency Conference from March 13 to 15, 2019 in Orlando and AffinityX is very much looking forward to this event!

In-housing is the one biggest trends to hit advertising in the last few years and AffinityX has been following closely, while signing more in-house agency partners and networking at key events.

For example, AffinityX business development executive Sara Droke enjoyed the topics at the recent 2018 IHAF Conference & Awards Show in November, including digital transformation, how creativity matters, the organization of in-house agencies and the interplay between in-house agencies and outside contractors.

We expect more animated and valuable discussions at the ANA event as well. The agenda promises to explore important topics such as “The Continued Rise of the In-House Agency”; “The Good The Bad and The Ugly of In-Housing” and “Challenging Myths to Build a New Type of Agency”.

In-housing and outsourcing, of course, don’t have to be mutually exclusive. According to IHAF’s In-House Agencies Today report, the majority of in-house agencies, client-side marketers and external agencies are all in agreement that in-house agencies complement their external partners.

Why outsource to an external white-label partner like AffinityX?  For very good reason. The ANA’s In-House Agency Report from October 2018 showed that In-house agency workloads are increasing. For 90 percent of respondents, the workload of their in-house agency has increased in the past year, including 65 percent for whom the workload has increased "a lot."

The report also revealed that the biggest challenges for in-house agencies are related to managing growth. Specifically, the two top challenges are managing workflow due to increased projects and scaling efficiently/managing resources.

In-house agencies can offload some of the work burden on external partners, such as creative versioning, media services and workflow solutions to manage the ordering and fulfillment process.

AffinityX’s partnerships with in-house agencies continue to expand, which is why we joined the In-House Agency Forum this past summer to keep up with in-house agency needs — and are delighted to attend all the major events in the space.  We hope to see you at the ANA In-House event in March!