The Creative Antidote: How WPP’s Mindshare and AffinityX Both Approach Media Planning for Clients

WPP's Mindshare, the global media agency network, just announced a new service for clients — Mindshare 24 — designed to deliver a media plan within 24 hours of receiving a brief, by pulling in global team members to collaborate on ideas overnight.

That’s a great offer for Mindshare’s enterprise clients. We totally agree with their point of view that it’s all about “speed, gut” and ingenuity to deliver what marketers of all sizes need to compete today — and that fast turnaround by media planning experts is “the creative antidote to a ‘tech is the only solution’ view of our world."

Of course, AffinityX has been offering an in-by-7:00 p.m., out-by-7:00 a.m. complete custom proposal — with two media plan options — as part of our robust Seller Experience program for sales teams of businesses focused on local marketing for several years. All it takes is a few minutes to complete a short online needs assessment form, and the sales person gets back a presentation-ready proposal the next morning. We know that today, when all marketing wars are digital and skirmishes are ongoing, companies selling local programmatic need to deliver both relevant and timely solutions to their markets, or they’ll lose to the increasing competition.

To enable local marketers’ success in this Age of Local, we apply smart inputs (our IDEA Titan bespoke digital marketing hub for ordering) and smart people (our global team of media planners and buyers), supported by smart tech (our workflow automation) to deliver smart media solutions — fast, and at scale, for campaigns ranging from $500 to $100,000+. Based on our experience and market research, we know what sells. Whether its a campaign for a local medical office to attract new customers, or a national furniture retailer to promote a local sale, or for a trucking company to recruit new employees, we’ll create the right media mix (display, social, video, geo-fenced mobile, native, PPC…) at the right budget — and turn it around quickly to drive faster time to revenue.

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