Google’s “Mobilegeddon”: How to help SMBs Survive and Thrive

This week, Google implemented transformative changes to its algorithm that give preferential treatment to sites it deems mobile-friendly, ranking them higher than sites that are designed for desktop display. Fears of a "mobilegeddon have spread throughout the tech ecosystem, as businesses small to large scramble to comply with the latest change.

It’s easy to understand why Google is moving in this direction. Nearly half of all search already comes from mobile devices and that number is only expected to go up.

What this means for SMBs

Google’s rule changes could spell serious trouble for SMBs that depend on SEO for reaching their customers. This time, SMBs are not alone in having to catch up. Despite the fact that Google announced the new rules back in February, the majority of the web hasn’t adapted yet, and there has only been a 4.7 percentage point uptick in the proportion of sites that are mobile friendly since that announcement. One study by Portent found that 10,000 of the web’s top 25,000 sites, such as those for the European Union and Department of Homeland Security, were ‘unfriendly’ to mobile and fell in rankings as a result.

If you’re curious about your customers’ sites, Google has provided an easy tool for checking their mobile-friendliness.

What this means for SMB-focused businesses

As mobile’s share of the marketplace continues to grow, SMBs should pursue a strategy that includes a truly cross-device online presence. Making the move to mobile can be costly and time consuming, but Google’s moves signal that the time to make the investment is now.

As an SMB-focused business, you can be their ‘mobile hero’ by offering responsive websites, HTML5 ads that can run on any device, and even responsive lead capture pages for any type of promotional campaign. If they already have a site they are happy with, but need help going mobile, you can offer re-platforming to take that site and move it to a fully responsive CMS platform, with a copy and design refresh if they would like.

Not sure how to do all of this? Contact your AffinityX representative, or use this form if you don’t have one yet, and we’ll show you how you can go to market quickly with these solutions and more, without any added resources and with all the training you need to be successful.