AffinityX is the AI in SMB

Dramatically improve productivity and quality while shrinking cost

AffinityX is the AI in SMB

The AffinityX SMB AI Suite enables media companies and agencies to replace off-the-shelf SaaS solutions with groundbreaking custom AI solutions purpose-built for SMBs. It's built using, a platform that facilitates custom AI application development, with over 40,000 custom AI applications deployed.

Content CoPilot

Automates content creation and personalized advertising at scale

SEO Dashboard

Provides SMBs with data-driven recommendations to improve SEO campaigns

Creative Brief

Streamlines the creation of agency briefs

One Touch Company Profile

Empowers sales teams with instant access to customer information


Enables SMBs to access AI-powered business advice and get strategy recommendations

AI is a race that has already started.
Get an unfair advantage.

Book a workshop today to learn how we can help your agency leverage AI to:

  • Speed prospecting for new clients - and win more business.

  • Instantly analyze a website to learn what you can sell to a prospective client

  • Instantly create smarter creative briefs and make sure websites are ready to convert.

  • Execute smarter campaigns

  • And more to come