The future of marketing is more, faster, and smarter — yet most workflows and technologies struggle to keep pace with the present.

That’s why AffinityX has invested in completely overhauling our workflows and tech stack to deliver the onboarding methodologies, scale, access, flexibility, integrated platform, data connectivity, and AI-powered solutions that the future demands.

All powered by decades of what is among the largest, most comprehensive source of end-to-end marketing performance data anywhere in the world.

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The most robust SMB data warehouse in the industry

AffinityX has arguably the largest data warehouse of end-to-end SMB campaign data about what drives campaign performance for every SMB vertical including healthcare, financial services, QSRs, and beyond.

Proven for SMB. Ready for Enterprise.

AffinityX was purpose-built from the beginning to run and optimize tens of thousands of small-dollar campaigns. Everything we learned from driving effectiveness with $200 dollar budgets can make $200,000 or $2 million dollar campaigns work better — and big brands and agencies are starting to knock on our door.

Ready for the privacy-first future

AffinityX has been helping its clients to capture, curate, and harness stronger and more reliable first-party data. This includes implementing robust data collection mechanisms, implementing consent management solutions, and establishing data governance frameworks to ensure compliance and maximize the value of first-party data assets.

We’re pursuing partnerships with a number of companies that offer comprehensive cookieless solutions. This enables us to glean valuable customer insights and construct highly effective lookalike models, ensuring targeted and efficient ad campaigns — despite IP obfuscation and third-party cookies.

Plus, AffinityX has industry-leading DSP partnerships for optimizing audience segmentation, targeting, and attribution methodologies within DSPs to mitigate the impact of cookie loss.

Built for success. Ready for everything that comes next.

AffinityX frees agencies and publishers to sell without worrying about campaign delivery, confident that our systems will deliver on their promises. Our X3 solution integrates the industry's best sales training, recommendation engine, and campaign analytics into one fast, simple-to-use workflow built to take sales to a new level.

Work the way you want to work

We're technology-agnostic and integrated with the most common OMS and CRM systems. We're flexible: Give all the work to AffinityX or do some of it yourself. We're easy to use. Leverage our cloud-based platform. There's no need to subscribe, install, or troubleshoot anything; you just get to work fast. It's more like a single pane of glass and less like the tangle of spaghetti wire you're used to. Want to be ready for the future? Let's get started.



Our modular approach and integrated ecosystem enable us to deliver almost anything you need.



2,000+ local marketing consultants, designers, copywriters, and media experts with expertise in every major SMB vertical.



APIs let our systems integrate with yours and scale as your business grows.



We deliver more than 5M million high-quality jobs per year, with turnaround times as short as four hours.



Our facilities and data centers are dispersed globally, constantly monitored, and feature world-class backup and security.



Our systems and processes have been evaluated by routine audits and are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.