Our X3 Sales Accelerator Makes Digital Revenue Boom WITH CAMPAIGNS THAT PERFORM

Customizable, integrated, data and results-driven

AffinityX has taken the end-to-end digital marketing solution to the very highest level by building the essential integration piece that was missing.

We created custom integrations and workflow management to seamlessly integrate Advisr (the smartest ​​data-driven recommendation engine), TapClicks (the most sophisticated data visualization and analytics) with our unique industry-leading sales accelerations, campaign performance, and proven workflows.

Thanks to this seamless integration, X3 means now you can manage it through a single partner.

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The industry's most powerful sales accelerator

The result is the industry's most powerful, fully integrated sales acceleration system. One that makes it easy to fulfill complex campaigns and drive industry-leading campaign performance.

X3 arms your salespeople with data-driven recommendations that make it easy to close more sales, do it in less time, and generate results that meet or beat the KPIs each customer demands. Plus, we provide powerful, side-by-side training for companies looking to successfully launch a new service or grow an existing one.

The proof is in the numbers: teams on average see a 30% increase in digital growth rate and double their average order value.

Orange Data driven

Best-in-breed, fully customizable engine

Forget the usual complexity of digital marketing. X3's sales-centric, single workflow interface makes it easy to choose exactly the products you want and use data to inform better decisions. It supports the entire product suite, including all third-party digital products and owned and operated products spanning traditional media and digital.

Integration-friendly, tailored workflows

Share information seamlessly to both internal and external fulfillment teams. We can integrate with your CMS, billing systems, and more. Get robust business intelligence reporting, to better assist managers in supporting their sales teams.

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Your customer's KPIs define success.

You'll instantly be able to see that you're meeting or beating your customer's KPIs - and so will they. Leveraging TapClicks, X3 reports on the key drivers of success with visualizations that tell the story of the campaign's success against KPIs. X3 gives you everything you need to differentiate yourself, tell compelling campaign stories, become more efficient, and scale your business. X3 gives sales direct access to prescriptive campaign analytics in nearly real-time. View topline metrics to identify the overall performance of your campaigns: impressions, clicks, calls, view-throughs, and conversions. Get early signals for optimization. Drill into the details to instantly spot best-performing creatives, device types, keywords, top site placements, geographies, and ad groups.

Client-centric campaign execution

Our expert trafficking and optimization teams manage campaign execution with campaigns optimized frequently to ensure success, retention, and growth.


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