Programmatic Recruitment Advertising is a Game-Changer

Recruitment advertising (or “job ads”) has been around as long as, well — jobs. From “help wanted” signs in store windows to newspaper classifieds, job listings have always been essential to employers to attract the right talent.

Then along came the Internet, which radically turned recruiting on its head. Sites like, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, SimplyHired and Indeed blossomed and became the resource for just about every professional job seeker and recruiter in America. Prospective employees and employers suddenly were able to connect much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Today, digital recruitment is undergoing more dramatic changes thanks to the rise of programmatic advertising. The media companies and recruiters (or their agencies) can work together to develop campaign objectives and set certain rules — such as turning off spend when there are X number of candidates or limiting spend on easy-to-fill jobs in favor of hard-to-fill positions.

It’s a whole new world and almost makes the digital job posts of yesteryear seem as simple as “help wanted” signs.

At AffinityX, we know that programmatic recruiting will be extremely advantageous to your clients in highly-competitive sectors like healthcare, hospitality, transportation and manufacturing, and can dramatically improve the ability to reach the right prospects at the right time in the right place. For example, programmatic can leverage geo-fencing to send mobile ads to devices at truck stops at certain hours when they are most likely receptive to consider job changes (perhaps at midnight when drivers are exhausted?). The possibilities with programmatic are endless.

Programmatic recruiting is becoming big business. In 2016, it was predicted that more than $100 million of job ad spend was spent on programmatic media that year, up from less than $10 million just two years prior (Source: Sourcecon).

That’s great news for all publishers. Tapping into the programmatic recruiting game — in which advertisers in highly competitive industries must spend more to get talent — should be a boon to media companies looking to supplement traditional classified revenues and grow digital revenues. Often, the budgets for these campaigns are much higher than for other digital marketing, and are controlled by human resources departments.

Whether you’re an agency working with companies in some of these industries or a publisher, it may be worthwhile to consult with a partner who can walk you through the new wave of digital recruitment advertising. Based on our deep expertise in all things programmatic, AffinityX is well-positioned to help.