Reach plc Reaches For AffinityX To Improve Page Planning


Reach plc is the largest national and regional multimedia content publisher in the U.K., comprising national and regional news brands across the country. They publish more than 130 newspaper titles across the U.K. and Ireland, from national properties (Daily Mirror, Daily Record, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People and Sunday Mail) to local publications (Manchester Evening News, Bristol Post, Liverpool Echo and Nottingham Post). The company’s network of more than 80 websites provides 24/7 coverage of the news, sport and showbiz stories that matter to more than 110 million unique browsers every month.

21,500 Pages Per Week Handled By AffinityX
Decrease In Planning Costs


Reach plc needed to outsource page planning for its regional titles, and wanted to do it at a fast pace without sacrificing quality. Although the company had already outsourced ad creation, there was apprehension about outsourcing its pagination. 



  • Ad Stacking, Dummying and Ad Layout: AffinityX takes a transfer of the display ad listings from the billing system, determining the size of each section in the publication and where color positions are, and places all the display ad boxes into the layout.
  • Classified Pagination: AffinityX ingests a file of all classified ads (displays and liners) which are ordered for the publication and run date, placing display ads first, running in all the liners, placing fillers/headers where necessary and outputting to the press room.
  • Copy Desk Pagination, Editorial Pagination, Copy Flow: AffinityX gets the photos, copy and guidelines from the newsroom, making copy fit where designated, supporting rounds of corrections and completing pages.
  • Special Sections Pagination: AffinityX receives the layouts, materials and instructions and takes creative license to ensure an attractive design.


Within six months, Reach plc had migrated over 21,500 pages per week to AffinityX. As a result, Reach plc saw an immediate reduction in planning costs.

“Reach plc views the staff in AffinityX as an extension of our team and this relationship has proven to be fruitful across many areas in our production operations.”

Director of Operations
Reach plc Regionals

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