Get Hiring! Recruitment Marketing Strategies that WORK

Get Hiring! Recruitment Marketing Strategies that WORK

By Marketing / January 6, 2023


Recruitment marketing is a vital part of any successful company’s hiring process. It enables employers to attract and engage talented candidates while building their employer brand. In today’s competitive job market, organizations are increasingly turning to recruitment marketing to identify and attract top talent.

By leveraging the tools and techniques available with targeted digital marketing solutions, your company can reach a wider audience and target more qualified candidates for each specific job opening. But with so many recruitment marketing strategies out there, how do you know which ones will work best for your company? The key to successful recruitment marketing is to create a well-rounded strategy that uses a variety of tactics.

Creating an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Here are some of the most effective recruitment marketing strategies that will help you source and engage the right candidates for your organization:

  1. Leverage Social Media: Social media is an invaluable tool for recruitment marketing as it allows you to quickly spread the word about job openings and build your employer brand. Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook offer great ways to post job openings, share company news, and engage with potential candidates. You can also utilize the audience data available on each social channel to run paid ads to reach very specific audience types to promote your opportunities.
  2. Employ Audience-Targeted Programmatic Advertising: This type of recruitment strategy uses data-driven targeting to reach the right candidates with the right type of message, during moments that matter to the recipient. Companies can use programmatic display to target potential hires based on demographic, behavioral, and location-specific criteria, as well as interests and past job history. This enables you to be more precise in your recruitment efforts by focusing on candidates who are more likely to be interested in the job and more likely to be a good fit for the company. Additionally, programmatic audience-targeted display can help to increase the company's brand awareness and generate more qualified applications.
  3. Focus on Your Employer Branding: Employer branding is a key part of recruitment marketing involving creating a positive perception of your organization and its brand to pique potential candidate interest. This can be done through content marketing, blogging, organic social media, and other digital marketing strategies. By creating content that speaks to the culture of the company and the values that it stands for, employers can attract potential candidates who share the same values. A great way to explore this type of strategy is through creating and posting organic social content that speaks to the company’s mission, values, and successes. This type of content also serves to encourage candidates to learn more about the company, its culture, and the role they could potentially play in it.
  4. Create Meaningful Video Content: Video content can be an effective way to showcase your company culture and engage with candidates. You can create videos highlighting your team, company values, and workplace environment, which can help attract the right candidates. Additionally, many companies are now deploying video advertising techniques to engage potential candidates with highlights about the open opportunities within the organization, which offer a more robust experience when viewing from that of display and static social ads. Video advertising can be a highly-targeted recruitment marketing solution when deployed programmatically, through social channels such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, or through OTT and CTV.
  5. Develop an Employee Referral Program: Employee referral programs are an excellent way to source quality candidates and engage your current employees. Referral programs incentivize employees to refer qualified candidates, which can help you fill positions quickly. Through such programs, current employees act as recruiters and refer qualified job seekers they know to the organization. This method also allows the employer to get high-quality candidates since the referrals come from people who know the job seekers and can vouch for their qualifications. Moreover, employee referrals come with the added benefit of providing an already-existing connection between the organization and the new hire, which can foster a sense of belonging.
  6. Use Creative Tactics: Think outside of the box when it comes to recruitment marketing. Try hosting career fairs or sponsoring events to recruit and hire candidates! Events are an effective way to cast a wide net and bring in the best talent. Career fairs are an excellent way to meet potential candidates face-to-face, and get to know them better. They also enable recruiters to gain a better understanding of the job market and the type of people that are interested in the positions being offered. Sponsoring events can be beneficial in this regard, as it allows recruiters to get to know their target audience better, and better understand their needs and interests. Not only does this make it easier to find the best fit for the position, but it also allows recruiters to build relationships and form partnerships with potential candidates. Utilizing creative tactics can help you reach a wider pool of candidates and stand out from the competition, just don’t forget to promote your event to ensure high attendance!
  7. Focus on the Candidate's Experience: Ensuring that candidates have a positive experience during the recruitment process is important. This can be done by using automated tools to streamline the process and provide timely communication with candidates. Using online, AI-driven conversation automation tools such as Chat to Conversion will help ensure that candidates have a positive experience during the recruitment process, and offer a great way to provide an efficient and personalized process. It enables recruiters to quickly answer questions and provide support to the candidates throughout the process. These types of tools also allow recruiters to provide a more tailored approach to each candidate and ensure that the recruitment process is as smooth as possible. Additionally, the use of communication engagement tools can help to keep applicants engaged throughout the recruitment process, giving them a better sense of the company and its culture. By utilizing communication tools, recruiters can provide an efficient and positive experience for all candidates.

Build a Recruitment Strategy that WORKS for Your Business!

Recruitment marketing is an essential part of any hiring process. By utilizing the right combination of strategies, you can effectively source the best candidates for your organization. If you’re ready to build a strategy that really WORKS for you, drop us a line and the team at AffinityX will help you get started with the strategies mentioned above that make the most sense for your business needs, ensuring you reach the right candidates for your open positions!