The National Association of Broadcasters’ Small Market Television (SMTE) Exchange Event

I had the pleasure to attend NAB’s Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) Event — the national conference for small market groups and stations — in Nashville earlier this month along with Carolyn Baird, vice president, business development and Sara Droke, director of business development.

It was a high-quality audience of approximately 500 attendees and a great opportunity to demonstrate AffinityX’s digital expertise with local media groups. Even better, it was valuable to mingle with important clients like News Press & Gazette (NPG), WPSD Local and others, as well as potential prospects who were interested in learning more about AffinityX’s offerings.

The breakout sessions overall were fantastic. We were excited to sponsor and present at our own sessions as well, along with Matt Coen from Second Street, the audience engagement platform. The sessions were themed “Digital Strategies and How to Get Results for your Clients” which turned out to be a pretty big draw.

The sessions were very well-attended and engaging, they also provided open dialogue for sales reps in markets that may or may not have case studies that outline success from spend levels of $4,000 to $38,000.

It was great to get positive feedback after a session when a woman approached me and said, "I want to thank you for unapologetically talking about digital like we know what it is. A lot of presenters talk to us like we are five years old and don't know what CTR stands for."

She went on to say, "You spoke of topics at a level that could bring those in the room along without boring the people who knew what you were talking about.

It’s encouraging to know that local media companies are becoming much more fluent in digital and are always eager to learn more.

Overall, NAB’s event was valuable and eye-opening. It was an honor for AffinityX to participate.