You Can Be Your Client’s Web Partner — But You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself

Bob Provost, the Distinguished Executive-In Residence at Rutgers Business School, recently took to the INMA blog to talk about how media companies should consider hosting and developing websites for their advertising clients. There’s a big opportunity for media companies to diversify their offerings by doing so, while helping their clients remain front and center online.

We at AffinityX couldn’t agree more. However, media companies can capture the opportunity Provost outlines without having to do all of the work themselves, which means they can take advantage of this opportunity quickly and efficiently.

It’s true that advertisers spend far more digital dollars with their web provider and/or host. It’s the first line of marketing, and likely the first impression a consumer will have of a brand if they find it through a search engine. To merely say that websites are important is to undersell the truth – websites are the critical part of a web presence, and a poor website can make a world of difference.

So how can media companies help their local businesses build and maintain high quality sites without hiring creative teams and hosting the sites themselves? Enlisting a white-label solution is one of the fastest ways to get up and running and earning additional revenue. AffinityX makes it easy so that media companies can offer their local businesses website design, build, hosting and updating services, which are handled by our in-house global creative team.

By partnering with AffinityX, media companies can sell websites to their clients that look as good as what consumers expect from Fortune 500 companies. In other words, these are the kind of sites that leave a great first impression – and they’re the ones that keep your local businesses coming back for more marketing services in the future.