AffinityX Fully Integrates with Advisr, Offering Marketers a Complete Workflow Solution

By Marketing / August 15, 2023


Offering Marketers a Complete Workflow Solution

Empowering partners to maximize revenue growth by unlocking valuable time with AffinityX's streamlined advertising solutions.

Adam Burnham SVP Digital, AffinityX

ELGIN, IL (AUGUST 15, 2023) - AffinityX announces significant advancements in advertising solutions by successfully integrating with Advisr, a technology platform that empowers sales teams to create custom recommendations for advertisers based on their business goals. This integration revolutionizes how AffinityX partners plan, fulfill, and manage digital advertising, and frees up valuable time to focus on revenue growth. Interested in refocusing your team's time? Visit to learn more today.

Adam Burnham, SVP of Digital at AffinityX: "Our commitment to leveraging technology and automation to simplify the complex is at the core of our mission. We aim to streamline processes and deliver exceptional results for our partners, giving them more time to focus on their customers and revenue growth."

AffinityX's technology advancements facilitate seamless integrations with popular order management systems and a comprehensive marketing planning tool, offering a complete workflow solution. By eliminating duplicative order entry and providing one point of entry for planning and ordering digital marketing, these integrations significantly simplify workflows, saving time and resources for partners.

Furthermore, AffinityX and Advisr's integration provides advancements in streamlining sales processes that allow for greater control over product communication, pricing, and materials. With all salespeople utilizing a common messaging and approach, partners can ensure a consistent and impactful sales message across the board. This integrated approach also allows for seamless selling across the entire product portfolio, maximizing upselling and cross-selling opportunities for increased revenue.

AffinityX + Advisr's Integrated Solution:

  • Drastically reduce time to market with proposal creation
  • Unlocks the potential to increase order values and products per order
  • Provides a clean and dependable sales and revenue pipeline
  • Offers a streamlined order processing, with one point of entry for all users
  • Brings valuable insights to optimize revenue and drive business growth

AffinityX's recent technology integrations with Advisr simplifies sales workflows and empowers partners to focus on revenue growth. AffinityX is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in today's competitive marketplace with sales training, customizable marketing solutions, streamlined processes, and tools to boost order values. For more information on how AffinityX can help you save valuable sales time, visit

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