AffinityX Partners With MindStudio to Launch Suite of AI Tools Purpose-Built for Media Companies and Agencies Who Serve SMB


Media Companies and Agencies Will Be Able To Implement Custom AI Solutions For SMBs Starting May 2024

AffinityX and MindStudio unite to unveil AI tools for SMB-focused media and agencies.

ELGIN, IL (April 15, 2024) – According to a recent Visa survey, “Accelerating the growth of small businesses,” SMBs are excited to leverage AI for all types of needs—with 84% of SMBs believing AI will benefit their business.

It also points to a need for media companies and agencies to enable these SMBs with AI applications – as only 26% of SMBs that are excited about AI tools have used them for personal and business purposes.

AffinityX’s “SMB AI Suite” is a collection of powerful AI tools for SMBs.


  • Content CoPilot, which automates content creation and personalized advertising at scale
  • SEO Dashboard, which provides SMBs with data-driven recommendations to improve SEO campaigns
  • Creative Brief,, which streamlines the creation of agency briefs
  • One Touch Company Profile, which empowers sales teams with instant access to customer information
  • Ask/Engage, which enables SMBs to access AI-powered business advice and get strategy recommendations

“AffinityX has been leveraging AI since 2022, enabling our global staff of 2,000+ people with multiple SaaS solutions for copywriting, multimedia generation, business intelligence, and more,” said AffinityX CEO David McTarnaghan. “Over this time, we’ve seen what produces real value and what AI implementations don’t produce meaningful results or even produce negative results.”

Over the last two quarters, AffinityX has transformed its own operations with homegrown, custom-built AI applications, replacing off-the-shelf SaaS solutions. These applications have dramatically improved employee productivity and the quality of work products while significantly reducing costs.

SMB AI Suite is the productization of these learnings – providing millions of SMBs with the same powerful capabilities. 

SMB AI Suite is built using, a platform that facilitates custom AI application development. It is used by enterprises of all sizes and has over 40,000 custom AI applications deployed.

“AffinityX is uniquely qualified to bring AI business applications to the millions of SMBs it serves,” said  Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of MindStudio. “Our teams have been working together for over six months, and we are extremely excited about Affinityx’s capabilities.”

About MindStudio

MindStudio is a platform for developing model-agnostic AI applications, automations, and specialized AI assistants. It supports models from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Meta, Mistral, and all other open-source and private models. Over 40,000 MindStudio AI applications have been deployed across large enterprises, government agencies, and SMBs.

About AffinityX:

AffinityX is the global leader in results-driven marketing and advertising solutions. Utilizing our proprietary performance data derived from millions of engagements and driven by next-generation technology, the AffinityX team simplifies the complexity of omnichannel marketing for clients of all sizes, resulting in high-impact solutions crafted with precision to achieve your goals efficiently and cost-effectively.