Prepress Solutions

Don’t let prepress costs affect your ability to invest in journalism. We provide print production services to some of the largest local media companies in five countries, enabling them to focus on their core mission.

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  • Page Dummying
  • Ad Stacking
  • Page Layout
  • Classified Pagination
  • Image Processing

“This is the biggest outsourcing relationship we have had. I’m very impressed how this is all working out. The AffinityX team even made the turn-on-a-dime shift that we needed from them during the recent forest fire emergency.”

Mark Flaviani

Advertising Operations Director, The Press Democrat

“Within six months we had migrated over 21,500 pages per week to AffinityX. As a result, we have seen our planning costs significantly reduced. Reach plc views the staff in AffinityX as an extension of our team.”

Gordon Davidson

Former Director Operations, Reach plc (UK) Regionals

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