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Current Clients?

How do I access my IDEA Titan Login?

Please log a ticket via your Freshdesk instance or contact your Field Sales Representative.

How do I access my IDEA Login?

Please email support at

I need help with my current product

Please log a ticket via your Freshdesk instance or contact your Field Sales Representative.

Common Business Challenges

How can I address customer churn?

Customer churn can happen anywhere during customer experience, from initial sales contact to delivery and ongoing usage. We have helped many companies rethink and redesign their CX, and can also help you understand which customers may be about to churn.

Contact us to learn more.

How do I add new products without adding fixed costs?

Work with a white label partner like AffinityX. You can provision new solutions that are already proven, quickly integrate them into your overall offering, and train sales how to effectively sell them, all without the risks of adding headcount or investing in resources you may outgrow later. Contact us to learn more.

How do I increase sales per salesperson?

Two ways:

1) Maximize the number of hours your team is out there selling, and shrink the number of hours they’re troubleshooting existing campaigns.

2) Make every sales call more effective. Give your team the training and tools they need.

Read more here.

How do I augment my current shared services/captive services?

Many companies look to us to add more capacity without fixed costs, while others need to add services that can't be fulfilled in their current model. Our process and operations experts can consult with you on how to get the most from your current investments while managing growth. Read more here or contact us.

Why AffinityX

What kinds of businesses does AffinityX serve?

AffinityX serves two major kinds of businesses: Local Media companies (newspapers, radio, broadcast TV, cable, etc.) and companies that sell Marketing Services (e-commerce sites, multichannel retailers, coupon companies, and more). As the industry's leading white label provider, we do not sell directly to SMBs.

How much do you customize solutions?

Unlike technology-only solutions, AffinityX uses a combination of tech, people, and processes. This enables us to deliver customized services, workflows and more -- and do it so it meets your brand standards, at scale, and at breathtaking speed.

Check out our solutions here, or contact us to learn more.

How does AffinityX pricing work?

Our pricing models are matched to the service type and your business goals. We believe that successful companies define their “win” by helping their customers achieve success. Let's talk about your needs and how we can build an economic model that works for your business.

What types of creative do you do?

You name it: everything from designing social media headers to banner ads to complete websites, to writing content and beyond. Our team includes people with strong experience in nearly every vertical business who understand what works -- and what doesn't.

Check out our Creative Gallery to see examples.

What languages do you support?

English (U.S., UK, Australia, Canada). If you provide the copy, such as for the ad creative, in another language we can included that in the creative as-is (no translation services or copy editing provided).

Getting Started

How do I get started with AffinityX?

All good relationships start with "hello". Contact us and we'll set up a meeting to discuss your growth plans, your current capabilities, and share insights about how we've helped companies just like yours grow.

How long does it take to launch?

Every engagement will be customized and built on a mutually-agreed onboarding plan. While live-in-market time will vary based on the service and your needs, here are a few benchmarks:

1. Local Media AffinityX AudienceX: Typically 4 weeks from contract to sales training.

2. Marketing Services Website Manager Service: Typically, 8 weeks from contract to live orders.

Let's talk: the more we know, the faster we can help.

Can you work within my systems and use my tools?

Yes. We can work directly in your systems and use your tools, such as your CMS, or you can leverage our systems and the tools we have vetted. Read about our technology platform and the tools we use here.

What are the keys to successful onboarding?

1. Establish clear business goals at the outset.

2. Make sure you have all the tech and processes mapped (AffinityX can help you get this right).

3. Include the right people in the process: if you're selling advertising it's best to have the VP Digital, CEO, CFO, Head of Sales, and Head of Ops represented. If you're selling marketing services, the CFO, Head of Product, Head of Ops and Head of Marketing are typically involved.