AffinityX Welcomes New Vice President of Product


By Marketing / March 5, 2024

AffinityX Welcomes Michael Kirkham as Vice President of Product: A Seasoned Leader in Product Management and Ad Technology

ELGIN, IL (MARCH 4, 2024) - AffinityX, a leading provider of marketing and advertising solutions, is pleased to announce Michael Kirkham as the new Vice President of Product. Kirkham brings extensive experience in product leadership and ad technology, having held senior product roles at OracleEdison, and GroundTruth.

With over 10 years of team building and leadership and 20 years of product management experience, Kirkham has a proven track record of success. He was instrumental in the growth of a startup from 6 employees to $100M in annual revenue in under 5 years, and he delivered a self-serve product that generated $5M in just 9 months. Additionally, he has overseen global expansion across 20 countries.

Kirkham's expertise extends across various technologies, including AI and ML, MarTech/CDP, AdTech, Search Engine, Mobile Apps, Information Systems, Enterprise SaaS, and Cloud applications. He has also focused on enhancing user experiences through focus groups, VOC programs, application usability overhauls, UI rebranding, and visualization and real-time events and location insights.

As Vice President of Product, Kirkham will lead global product management at AffinityX. TJ Ceballos, AffinityX's Senior Vice President of Product and Development, said, "We are thrilled to welcome Michael Kirkham to our team. With his extensive experience in the ad tech and mar tech verticals, Michael brings deep expertise in the very problems we solve daily. His wealth of experience and leadership skills will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and scale our operations, driving immediate customer impact. With a keen focus on fostering a dynamic product team culture, Michael's presence will undoubtedly fuel innovation at every level of our organization. As part of his onboarding, we are doubling down on amplifying the voice of the customer in our development lifecycle, ensuring that our products meet and exceed customer expectations. With Michael on board, we are poised to reach new heights in innovation and customer satisfaction."

Michael Kirkham added, "I am thrilled to be joining AffinityX. I look forward to working with the team to further develop and enhance our product offerings, ensuring that we continue to deliver high-impact solutions to our partners efficiently and cost-effectively."

AffinityX is the global leader in results-driven marketing and advertising solutions. Utilizing our proprietary performance data derived from millions of engagements and driven by next-generation technology, the AffinityX team simplifies the complexity of omnichannel marketing for clients of all sizes, resulting in high-impact solutions crafted with precision to achieve your goals efficiently and cost-effectively.