AffinityX Introduces Search Engine Optimization and Call Tracking for Google PPC

In order for small businesses to compete with other small businesses — as well as big corporations —SEO can be transformative: 74 percent of internet users are performing local searches and 76 percent of people who search for something nearby on their smartphones visit related businesses within a day.

Local media companies, ad agencies and other marketing services providers working with small businesses can leverage SEO to help them get discovered more easily by prospective customers, increase traffic to their websites and document results. The payout can be significant — 28 percent of local searches result in purchases! It’s no surprise then that 39 percent of SMBs not yet investing in SEO plan to in 2018 and 35 percent who are investing plan to increase spending in 2018 (BIA/Kelsey, 2017).

However, the techniques and strategies that contribute to effective SEO are complex and evolving. That is why many companies that serve small businesses and local marketers turn to outside experts like AffinityX. We enable them to build exposure for their customers' brands and achieve greater results through SEO.

For example, one of our clients leveraged our SEO offering to help a national pest control franchise secure page one search rankings for 92 percent of its keyword phrases and a 28.8 percent season-over-season traffic comparison increase.

The best part is that AffinityX SEO services are “pay for performance,” with billing triggered only if the businesses rank on page one for the designated keywords.

Combining SEO and PPC For Best Results

Of course, AffinityX has long offered Google PPC (pay-per-click), another winning search tactic for companies trying to reach potential customers when they are in-market and generate leads. Among SMBs using PPC, 35.6 percent plan to increase their spending and 30.5 percent rate it as having “excellent” or “extraordinary” return on investment (BIA/Kelsey, 2017).

So, which to choose? The answer is really both — SEO and PPC are both important tactics and work best together. A 2015 study conducted by Bing demonstrated that brands that combined PPC and SEO efforts received 91% of the clicks from searches. and this powerful one-two punch is why we are pleased to now offer our clients both search options.

But There’s More! AffinityX Adds Call Tracking to Google PPC

Another exciting development is that our Google PPC offering is even more robust with a call tracking feature. According to a study of PPC lead conversions, PPC landing pages drive nearly twice as many phone leads as web downloads. And according to Marketing Land, phone calls are worth between 5 to 10 times more in revenue than completed web forms.

Our customers have been requesting for this feature to offer to their customs, who rely on phone calls as an important source of inbound leads.

Talk to AffinityX today about our expertise in SEO and Google PPC, now with call tracking!