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Affinity Express Rebrands As AffinityX To Help Multiply Revenues For Companies That Serve SMB Marketing Needs.

Provides Local Media, Cable, Retail And Marketing Services Companies With Custom Solutions To Tap Into Fast Growing SMB Marketing Category.

Chicago – Nov. 20, 2014 -- Affinity Express, the leading white label creative and marketing services provider for companies that serve small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced that it has relaunched its core services under a new brand name, AffinityX. The new brand reflects the company’s mission of unlocking the value in the large and dynamic SMB market by helping the companies that serve those SMBs’ physical and digital marketing needs multiply their revenue.

SMB marketing is one of the fastest-growing business segments today, especially digital marketing. Businesses with fewer than 100 employees will spend $45 billion this year on marketing, according to local ad-tracking firm Borrell Associates Inc. The fastest-growing area of expenditures is digital marketing, where many local businesses are already spending more than half their marketing budgets, according to Borrell.

Main Street businesses are increasing their spending on digital marketing at a rate of about 42 percent this year, and surveys we’ve been monitoring all year are telling us to expect the same growth in 2015,” said Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates. “That’s causing a lot of SMBs to misadjust their dials, and AffinityX seems perfectly positioned to help companies that serve SMBs minimize that confusion and achieve the right marketing mix. I’m impressed by both their team, and their new product set.

AffinityX helps companies that service SMB marketing needs, such as local media, cable, retail SMB and marketing services companies, generate entirely new revenue by delivering services that were previously difficult or impossible to sell at scale to this growing market. AffinityX’s scalable, fast-turn infrastructure is built to bring fast, high quality and priced-right services to channel partners that meet SMB needs and demand.

The SMB market is huge, and business owners are strapped for time, so solutions need to maintain the optimal balance of efficiency and brand effectiveness,” said Ken Swanson, CEO of AffinityX. “Our clients that serve this market are well aware of that time crunch, so they need to deliver the highest-quality work – online and off – in a short amount of time. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a partner that can match world-class creative services with SMB expertise and technological prowess. With our new brand, we’ll continue to deliver those same results as we further expand our digital offerings.

AffinityX offers complete custom creative services, from interviewing clients about their needs right through design, SEO-optimized copywriting, and delivery. All this while fulfilling more than 10,000 orders a day, delivering the quality that SMB craves, at a price they can afford. Services include website and landing page production; online ad campaign management and operations for display, video, mobile, social and rich media; marketing collateral and print ads; as well as logo design and business documents.

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About AffinityX

AffinityX is the leading white label creative and marketing services partner for companies that serve SMBs. We help our clients drive new revenue by offering everything their customers need, from physical to digital -- logos, print ads, websites, online ad campaigns, and much more.  We deliver world-class design and turnarounds in as little as four hours, all at a price SMBs can afford. The world’s best SMB-focused companies depend on our technology, processes and insights to secure their success. AffinityX and Affinity Express are trademarks and sole property of Affinity Express, Inc.