AffinityX Launches AudienceX, Bringing Full-Service Programmatic Advertising for SMBs to the Local Media Market

Suite of Ad Tools Allows Companies That Serve SMBs to Quickly Generate Sustainable Digital Revenue

Chicago — September 29 2015 — In today’s increasingly internet-connected world, every brand that wants to grow its business needs a digital marketing presence. Audience targeting, mobile advertising, compelling websites and dynamic creative play a huge role in helping businesses attract new customers. Yet these tools and tactics are well beyond the capabilities and budget of most small and medium businesses (SMBs).

AffinityX, the leading provider of white-label creative and marketing services for companies that serve SMBs, has made it much easier for those businesses to access these data-driven tools and cutting edge advertising tactics with the launch of AudienceX.

Now, SMBs can leverage targeted online advertising, increasing exposure with their target audience while driving traffic to their website. AudienceX is akin to a digital ad business in a box that leverages AffinityX’s combination of SMB creative expertise and best of breed advertising technology partners to allow companies that serve SMBs to tap into increasingly digital-focused budgets. Current AudienceX clients have seen some of their SMB advertisers increase their spend exponentially as they move into digital, with annual commitments that were previously less than $1,000 growing into $180,000 partnerships. Meanwhile the SMBs themselves are seeing growth in online conversions and phone calls.

Our local advertising clients understand the power of delivering their message on TV, but they are increasingly looking to reach growing online audiences,” said Dan Templin, SVP, Mediacom Business and its OnMedia advertising division. “AffinityX, and the AudienceX product, allow us to scale our digital marketing services and provide effective full-service marketing and creative solutions to our micro- and mid-sized clients.

Borrell Associates’ 2015 Outlook report shows that fully one-third of all small and medium businesses’ marketing budgets will be spent this year on digital advertising and products. In addition, local advertising spending on targeted online display ads is expected to grow by 92.4% in 2015.

Delivering on these needs requires significant investment and a team of experts that can create proposals, buy media and optimize digital campaigns. AudienceX offers that expertise, with a team of professionals who learn about each business and apply those insights to a full suite of custom HTML5 ads, online and mobile media campaigns and lead capture pages.

With a full sales training and marketing support program, expert SMB marketing consultants and campaign managers to interview each business and create custom proposals, the sales teams at each local media partner can spend their time selling, not managing the creative and campaign process. AffinityX’s team handles ongoing optimization of the core campaign and retargeting components, allowing the local businesses to deliver their message to the best-performing audience for their goals, even with a small budget.

Many companies understand the opportunity for serving SMBs, but they can’t navigate the complex tasks required to fill those needs,” said Ken Swanson, CEO of AffinityX. “SMBs aren’t focused on ad tech — they care about finding new customers, and doing so without spending too much money or time. At the same time, media companies are looking for new revenue opportunities. We make it easy for them to guide smaller advertisers into digital, while simultaneously growing their business at the speed of digital media.

Unlike automated design tools and self-service media buying systems, AudienceX provides local advertisers with a direct point of contact, giving them the type of one-on-one customer support they need to maximize their marketing efforts and engender high satisfaction with their marketing partner.

About AffinityX

AffinityX is the leading white label creative and marketing services partner for companies that serve SMBs. We help our clients drive new revenue by offering everything their customers need, from physical to digital — logos, print ads, websites, online ad campaigns, and much more. We deliver world-class design and turnarounds in as little as four hours, all at a price SMBs can afford. The world’s best SMB-focused companies depend on our technology, processes and insights to secure their success. AffinityX and Affinity Express are trademarks and sole property of Affinity Express, Inc.


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