AffinityX Offers Expert Integrated Ad Sales Advice for INMA

The media industry has changed greatly over the past decade, forcing news media companies and their ad sales teams to adapt by expanding their offerings and entering new forms of media.

All local media is now digital, with newspapers competing with multiple media entities for the same online audience. And with digital advertising becoming greatly commoditized, newspaper publishers have to be strategic to bring in optimal ad revenue.

Advertisers are now demanding audience more than anything else, according to Adam Burnham, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service for AffinityX, writing for the International News Media Association (INMA). These advertisers want to access the consumers most likely to respond to their offerings. This provides two big opportunities to publishers: They can help their advertisers access larger audiences across the Web by leveraging technology, and they can monetize their unsold inventory via an exchange, profiting off the same strategy.

To learn more, read the full post at the INMA blog.

Burnham is a monthly contributor to the Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog, offering insight and first hand tips for how integrated advertising sales teams can capitalize on the shift from traditional to digital. In the past, he has explained how great advertising packaging targets strategic people at strategic time and looked at the need for an empowered sales force.