IAB Proposes New Ad Portfolio

The IAB recently released a proposed update to the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio for public comment. As members of the IAB, AffinityX is thoroughly reviewing all suggested changes and will be submitting our comments for consideration.

The changes put forward by the IAB will work to improve the consistency of cross-device creative display, as well as enhance consumer experience, by phasing out invasive and disruptive ad units.

Public comment is open until November 28, 2016, after which the IAB Flex Ads Working Group will evaluate the comments, revise and release a final version. A specific date it not set for the release, however the IAB will provide tools and information for a successful transition once a date is announced.

Once the IAB releases the final version for implementation, AffinityX will be ready with an action and communication plan around the industry changes. We will continue to keep our clients informed as new information is released.

For additional information on the proposed IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio visit the or click here to read the official IAB press release.