AffinityX Appoints Thomas J. Ceballos as Senior Vice President of Product & Development

Affinityx Appoints Thomas J. Ceballos As Senior Vice President Of Product And Development

By Marketing / January 23, 2024

AffinityX names Thomas J. Ceballos Senior VP, Product & Development

ELGIN, IL (January 25, 2024) - AffinityX, the global leader in results-driven marketing and advertising solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas J. Ceballos as Senior Vice President of Product and Development. In his new role, TJ will lead the strategic development of high-impact products, ensuring seamless alignment with market needs and leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that propel growth and establish groundbreaking industry benchmarks.

With an extensive background in technology, product, strategy, and execution, TJ brings a wealth of experience and expertise to AffinityX. TJ has held top-tier positions at renowned companies, including MediaMath and The Trade Desk, eventually becoming the CEO of Kaya Now, an early-stage startup, and CCO of DrivenIQ. Along the way, TJ consistently gained a stellar record for translating customer business requirements into innovative technical solutions. He is an expert at implementing advertising strategies as well as integrating enterprise workflow tools and web services-based solutions into a technology stack.

"We are thrilled to welcome TJ Ceballos back to the AffinityX team for his second term," said David McTarnaghan, CEO at AffinityX. "TJ's return brings not only his unparalleled ad technology expertise but also his meticulous attention to detail, customer-centric focus, and a data-driven approach that consistently drives operational efficiencies. His ability to leverage AffinityX's technology IP to differentiate our offerings in the market has been truly distinct. During his initial tenure, TJ played a pivotal role in architecting AESB, our inaugural large-scale workflow system, positioning us to assist our partners in expanding and scaling their businesses. TJ's return aligns strategically with our vision for the future, and we are excited to have him back in the role of Senior Vice President of Product and Development."

As Senior Vice President of Product and Development, TJ's strategic leadership will be instrumental in ensuring that our products remain closely aligned with evolving market demands. His dedication to excellence and strategic insights are poised to elevate AffinityX's position in the digital landscape. TJ will also lead the Innovation and Excellence Team, which will comprise verticalized subject matter experts (SMEs). This team will provide mentoring and expertise to the operations team, driving innovation strategy based on best practices dictated by industry changes.

"I am honored to rejoin AffinityX at such a pivotal time in its history," said TJ. "I look forward to collaborating with the talented team at AffinityX to drive innovation, exceed customer expectations, and contribute to the company's overall success."

TJ's appointment reflects AffinityX's commitment to attracting top-tier talent and fostering a culture of continuous innovation. As the company continues to expand its presence in the market, TJ’s leadership is anticipated to play a key role in shaping the future of AffinityX.

AffinityX is the global leader in results-driven marketing and advertising solutions. Utilizing our proprietary performance data derived from millions of engagements and driven by next-generation technology, the AffinityX team simplifies the complexity of omnichannel marketing for clients of all sizes, resulting in high-impact solutions crafted with precision to achieve your goals efficiently and cost-effectively.