Save journalism. Boost gross profits. Here’s how.

How to boost margins up to 40% to help preserve journalism at a time of crisis

Journalism is more vital than ever. So is your media company’s economic survival.

You face challenges from declining ad revenue to operating under lockdown and beyond. All of this on top of the systemic cost pressures you have already been facing. Since no one knows when business will return to normal, media companies need a real solution that works now and into the future.

Introducing COVID19 Protection for Media Businesses. You can lower the break-even point of your media company quickly and significantly. The average media company we work with has seen an overall cost reduction of 40%.

Our onboarding process can take as little as 3 weeks, depending on the scope of the engagement.

You can gain these quick cost savings without concerns about business continuity. In anticipation of the COVID-19 lockdown, AffinityX has transitioned to a fully deployed work-from-home infrastructure of over 2,500 staff. The safety of staff – and your business – is our first priority.And when the crisis is over and the world reaches a new normal, you can count on the same dedicated people, technologies, and processes to keep your business growing.

We provide services including:

  • Ad Design (Print & Digital Display)
  • Dummying / Layout / Classified Pagination
  • Editorial Pagination
  • Special Section Design
  • Image Work (Clipping Paths)
  • Ad Trafficking

We can also help you eliminate software and hardware expenses for design services with our fully-integrated solution into Brainworks, Mactiv, Vision Data, APT, Genera and more.

In our decades of partnership with hundreds of newspapers, we’ve learned first-hand how hard it is to produce and distribute the news -- and it’s even more challenging now with the need for social distancing” said David McTarnaghan, AffinityX CEO. “The value of strong journalism has never been more clear. Ensuring a strong future matters. In this crisis, AffinityX stands ready to help.

We’ve been in business for 20 years, delivering more than 20,000 projects each working day, and more than 5 million fast-turn jobs a year, with shifts working 24/7. We can help your business survive the current crisis, and emerge ready to succeed as business slowly returns to normal.Our state-of-the-art training, both in-market & virtual, has an unmatched track record of building the confidence and skills that transform your results. Only AffinityX leverages builds on a century of combined digital sales experience. 10,000+ successful sales calls and more than 5,000 sales reps trained.

Contact us to arrange a Zoom meeting. We can deliver an outsourcing quote and estimated implementation timeline within 48 business hours. Get the flexibility, scalability, and rock-solid reliability that your business needs.