Making Marketing Accessible for All: AffinityX Local



AffinityX Introduces a New Partner-Inspired Market Offering

David McTarnaghan CEO, AffinityX

ELGIN, IL (JUNE 28, 2023) - AffinityX, a global partner for building, deploying, and scaling creative and marketing campaigns across digital and print platforms for businesses of all sizes, is proud to announce the launch our partner-inspired market offering, AffinityX Local. This suite of services provides media companies, agencies, and advertising technology companies with the marketing and advertising services they need to support small businesses without the pressure of high fulfillment and staffing costs. Visit AffinityX Local online at

AffinityX Local provides a range of features and services, including website design and support, mobile application design and support, email marketing, and an AI-powered customer engagement solution, With AffinityX Local, small businesses can access bespoke marketing services tailored to their unique needs, ensuring they receive the support they need to grow their business. At the same time, our partners benefit from improved cash flow, positive net income, and the ability to free up valuable resources to focus on larger, more profitable accounts. 

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we’re thrilled to launch AffinityX Local - a solution that allows us to support our partners with all aspects of local business marketing needs,” said David McTarnaghan, CEO of AffinityX. “Our teams work with our partners to provide the tools, resources, and scale needed to offer small-to-medium-sized businesses the marketing and advertising solutions that work best for them, along with bespoke fulfillment.”


  • Flexible solutions put you in control of how you run your local ad business
    • Work with AffinityX Local as a revenue share opportunity or move existing relationships to AffinityX directly for specific services
  • Scale your local SMB advertising efforts quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need to hire additional resources while increasing revenues and having the freedom to address more complex campaigns with bigger returns
  • A powerful, low-risk, and cost-effective way to support the local and small to medium-sized businesses market with marketing solutions
  • Work with a dedicated team skilled at delivering customized service and support, ensuring that SMBs are satisfied with the results
  • AffinityX Local is experienced in creating effective ad campaigns to help SMBs reach their target customers, leading to increased growth!

Contact us today to learn more about AffinityX Local and how it can benefit your media, agency, or marketing technology business.